The idea to interview the contemporary artist Adil Aubekerov has been languishing and maturing for a very long time. Anyone who has ever seen his work live will not let them lie that these are brilliant works that are unlike anything they have ever seen before. We made an appointment in advance at the bar of the St.Regis Hotel, where his personal exhibition "Truth is one, paths are many" is currently being held. The exhibition is represented by 10 works in a specific style. To study his work, it was necessary to come to the meeting early.

From the first seconds it became clear that the paintings fit perfectly into the interior of the hotel. The practice of holding exhibitions in hotels in Kazakhstan is not new, but it is not common either. Although the idea is very good, because the hotel is constantly visited by guests who probably want to get acquainted with the city not only as architecture or cuisine, but also to enrich themselves culturally, and such an exhibition is a good opportunity. And then, in the middle of thinking about the formats of exhibitions, the art director of the TSE ART Destination gallery and the direct organizer of this exhibition, Baurzhan Sagiyev, joins the conversation. He came earlier than our hero, so the conversation with him began about the significance of the exhibition.

We had such a good collaboration because Adil fits very well into the interior. He has a very strong message. There is a very clear message in his works. This is read by the visitors and the hotel administration. Here it initially turned out that we selected an artist from a certain pool. We chose Adil because he has very spectacular, very subtle works. Very visual artworks. These are works of this kind that combine ultra-modern art and street style, but at the same time they are very deep and very detailed.

Then, Adil Aubekerov himself entered the hall with his wife Anna. To be honest, it was a little exciting before the interview, I didn't want to seem insufficiently aware of Adil's style and creativity, but the conversation immediately began with a light and relaxed tone. 

How successful is the exhibition when it fits into the interior?

It so happened that I was lucky as an artist, it's great when paintings are exhibited in a beautiful place. Art is combined with this and at the same time carries its own meaning. Ultimately, one way or another it turns out to be beautiful and at the same time, it teaches you to the correct perception of beauty. Here you think that artists are so freedom-loving. They deny everything, prevent it all. At some point I had it too. At the same time, I was inspired by something so precious and eternal.

Is this the perfect combination of the art of Adil Aubekerov and laksheri?

Well, not really. Sometimes it's very strange that I write in some such conditions and it all looks so laconic and luxurious. My wife and I can often spend the night somewhere in the car, live somewhere as a savage, warm up at the burner and come here and enjoy pleasant company and the view. I have projects when I do street art in abandoned places. Of course, I understood that this was a luxury segment. At the same time, I try to work with places where anyone can come and vice versa, I like that the gallery (Tse Art Destination — approx.the author) is located in the old center. There is some history in this, it's all lived through. 

Then the initiative to speak again passed to Baurzhan, who told in detail about the period of creation of works that are presented at the current exhibition.

There are 10 works here. They were all created during the first half of 2022. The fact is that Adil spent this period with Anna in Indonesia. Adil is very deeply connected with nature and the elements. Adil spent the last six months in Bali, where he just spent alone with nature and the elements, water, wind and nature, animals. These are the main directions of Adil's creativity..

Do I need to prepare specially for viewing your paintings? 

In my work, I want to have a dialogue between the viewer and the paintings so that they are imbued. Still, it seems to me that the main task of art is feelings. I think we have it so underestimated by people, that's why we have so many depressions. We have accepted that you should take some kind of social position, although you are part of nature, part of something big. You're very important. I have just about the significance, about some inner meanings, about the connection with nature, that is, it is an integral part. We often push this aside, creating comfortable conditions for our lives, which is not bad, but I still think it's important not to live in isolation from nature.

How long have the works been created for this exhibition?

I prepared some material from the places I come from — these are steppe regions that inspire me. I had such an opportunity to stay in a place where there is a lot of water and a flow of energy. I just painted a picture a week. It was just some kind of inspiration. Upon arrival, we do an exhibition right away. We didn't plan it, but it all coincided so much that the paintings all just merged.

Before I ask the next question, I look at the picture for a very long time, which hangs opposite and has the laconic name “Pink". In this work I'm trying to find my personal associations and remember if I've seen this from other artists.

How do you feel about being copied?

Any creativity is borrowed, one way or another. I think if you have a good brilliant idea, then they will want to repeat it and it's cool. I understand that I have technically difficult jobs without preparation, without going my way — it's difficult. These are the years I spent in the lines. I make huge murals of 18-meter walls completely without a brush. You can't do that. After all, my technique is handwritten. As it has shown, modern art as a whole has moved away from manual. You can make an installation, you can make a performance. In general, the craft has been lost. There is a lot of this craft in my work that needs to be mastered and understood. I never do sketches. Pure impromptu, pure performance. I take risks every time and every time for me any project is a slight strain, I myself do not know what will happen. But when I get the result, I try, I invest, it's immediately obvious, the viewer is not fooled. You can understand or not understand art, but people feel like a hack. My attitude is very simple and open, there are no secrets. 

During the conversation, my gaze increasingly falls on an interesting jacket on Adil's wife, Anna. Then they explained to me that it was hand-painted by the artist himself. The perfect combination, as in my opinion, when modern art harmoniously fits into our everyday everyday life and at the same time carries its own deep meaning. In general, Anna and Adil look like a very cute rock and roll couple. They got married in November last year and immediately flew to Bali. The couple jokes that the honeymoon on the island dragged on for a honeymoon "half a year". 

Почему решили вернуться с Бали?

Я помню мы сидели, ели огромную порцию рыбы, смотрели на океан и я резко подумал: как красиво, но я так хочу в Астану. И именно в этот момент мне звонит Бауржан и говорит приезжать на мою персональную выставку.

Самый неожиданный фидбек, который вы получили о своем творчестве?

Люди иногда подходят к картинам и проверяют пальцем, думая что это напечатано. Так много деталей и при ближайшем рассмотрении все пытаются узнать почему такая тонкая работа. Это признание моего ремесла. Люди думают, что это фотопечать или принт.

How do you feel about your popularity?

People recognize me here, on the streets and everywhere. They came up on the plane, even in Bali. Kana Beisekeyev called for Zamandas, we communicate very well. By the way, there is also such an underground. Success surprises me, but it doesn't spoil me. Even the brightest stars then live an ordinary life and many then do not recognize at all. I feel about it, that yes it's great, it's part of the process, part of my public activities. But it does not dominate, it is not the goal.

What are you doing now?

I'm doing a series of wall paintings. Mural, painting, mural probably more. This is also by the way the influence of Bali.

At the end of the conversation, Baurzhan repeatedly notes that Adil Aubekerov is a very spiritual person and is strongly connected with nature. At the same time, the elemental forces are always on Adil's side, which is always evident in the excellent combination of circumstances for many of the artist's projects.

What needs to be done to make everything work out as you have?

I think there is the right setting and not to be afraid of your thoughts, even the strangest ones. For example, I want to work with American cinema. Still, deep down I feel and know that the whole world will know me. That is, not just as a star of one country, but that, in principle, I have a global perception. Gradually, I'm taking small steps, but very fixed. It is sometimes easy to climb, but it is difficult to stay and hold on, to be Steven Spielberg. It takes a long time to give out material, generally accepted, but fantastical. I would certainly like to popularize art. I also have a responsibility not to squander what I have been given, but to preserve it and strengthen it. I am sure it will be further revealed even more.

The conversation with the artist, his wife and the art director continued for a long time. During this time, Adil managed to sign his painting for a customer who fell in love with her future purchase from the first day of the exhibition. The topic of conversation changed several times, but one thing was clear — “Truth is one, paths are many (there is one truth, but there are many ways to achieve it). 

The conversation was conducted by Zarina Kusanova 

Personal exhibition of Adil Aubekerov will last until the end of September

Address — Nur-Sultan, Kabanbai batyr street 1, St.Regis Hotel


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