The editorial board of the media portal "Art of Her" invites you to take part in the second open meeting "Onermen Kezdesy". The topic of the meeting: "The future of the creative industry of Kazakhstan: how to stop being "incomprehensible" and go for export".

The creative industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. The share of creative entrepreneurship in the GDP of some countries reaches 10%, which undoubtedly indicates the potential of the sphere.

Over the past 10 years in Kazakhstan, the volume of investments in the creative industry has increased more than 4 times. 3.5% of the total employed population of the country, or 310 thousand Kazakhstanis, work in this area. Today, the contribution of creative industries to the economy of Kazakhstan is 2.7%.

If the tools for bringing a local product to the world level have been invented for a long time and it remains for us to adopt the experience of successful countries or at least be based on past methods and mistakes, then how creative teams and the organization of support for creative initiatives will be determined remains in question.

One thing is clear – it is necessary to create a dialogue with direct market participants. To this end, the media portal "Art of her" organizes an open meeting "Onermen Kezdesy", where well–known experts of the creative industry will share their experience and strategic plans for the near future with artists.

Main speakers:

Kairat Sadvakasov – Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC NC Kazakhturism 

Topic: "The role of art in the development of tourism in Kazakhstan"

Irina Kharitonova— member of the Council for the Development of Creative Industries under the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Head of the Center for the Development of Cultural and Creative Industries, ideologist of the Global Nomads Fashion Awards project.

Topic of the speech: "Development of creative industries in Kazakhstan and plans for 2023. Opportunities for exporting products of creative industries".

Evgeny Khobotov – is the founder of Slon Works, of the Kazakhstan NFT marketplace NFT ART Store.

Topic of the speech: "The art of selling art"

The meeting will be held on July 19, 2022 with the support of the Abylkhan Kasteev State Museum of Art at the address: mkr. Koktem -3, 22/1

Beginning at 15:00, conference hall.. To participate, registration is required: Google Forms (clickable)

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